Our Mission

The PainCare Collective’s mission is to provide a service that is truly responsive to the needs of people experiencing persistent pain and to health professionals seeking our support. We are committed to doing what is needed and not being constrained by existing systems.  

We are aware that people living with persistent pain bring with them a depth of their own experience and knowledge. We are committed to learning from them whilst bringing to them our expertise and guidance in a helpful and empowering manner to support them to gain control of their pain.  

We are also aware of the breadth of knowledge of other clinicians and researchers in the field. We are committed to continual evaluation and improvement of our pain management service and to our own ongoing learning and development.

Our values are respect, empathy, community, equality, accessibility and empowerment.

We provide

  •      individual pain care (pain management)  
  •            clinical mentoring to individuals and groups of clinicians
  •      clinical consultancy to health services
  •      group programs for patients including early-intervention modular training. 

We work in a range of formats that optimise our accessibility including telehealth, telementoring and travelling to regional areas.

We equip people with persistent pain with the expertise, skills and confidence to take control of their own treatment and regain their quality of life.

We support health professionals by building their skills and knowledge, sensitivity to the needs of patients, and fulfillment in their work.

Our Aim

By sharing our expert knowledge and experience, we aim to:

  • lead cultural change on how the health professions engage with people with persistent pain
  • change the way society views pain by influencing individuals, workplaces, the health professions and funding bodies.

Those who work with us can expect to be respected, valued and given opportunities to grow. 

To learn more about persistent pain, visit our resources page.

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