Modern science tells us that persistent (or “chronic”) pain is very complex. Persistent pain is multidimensional.  That is it is impacted upon by the following:

  • biological components – including nervous system involvement, where neurological chemicals and activity are also adding to pain.
  • emotional components – where the emotional distress someone is suffering because of their pain can in itself make the pain worse.
  • social and behavioural components – with impact on factors including family life, work life, self-confidence and self-esteem, and a person’s basic sense of being able to manage the normal demands of life.    

This Way Up

THIS WAY UP™ provides online learning programs, education and research in anxiety, depressive disorders and physical health.

Pain Management Network

This website contains videos, resources and education useful for both individuals and health care professionals.  A number of resources have been translated in Arabic, Chinese, Greek and Vietnamese.


Brainman Pain Management Resources

A collection of videos educating about persistent pain.  The videos have also been translated into a range of languages.


Online assessment and treatment for anxiety and depression.

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